All-on-4 Dental Implants with Full Digital Workflow in 7 days

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All on 4 dental implants treatment or full mouth implants with digital workflow can change lifestyle of older adults who have lost their teeth to get their smiles back and be able to eat their favorite food again.

How tooth loss lead to full mouth dental implant (All on 4)?

For seniors, tooth loss is a natural occurrence that comes with aging. Therefore, All on 4 dental treatment is one of the best solutions for people this age because better quality of life starts from having healthy oral. However, we often found oral health problems in older adults as their teeth have been used for a long time. Losing several teeth or the whole mouth is a natural occurrence for older adults. Tooth loss can lead to serious health condition and affect every life. The problems link to tooth loss in older adults are as follow;

  • Neglecting oral hygiene and dental check-up from the beginning which leads to tooth loss in an early age.
  • Not getting your teeth clean properly such as not being thorough or forgetting to brush can link to bacteria, plaque, tartar colonization that cause tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Eating too much sugary food can link to tooth decay. Moreover, eating hard or sticky food can cause cracked tooth.
  • Worn down teeth caused by eating hard food, aging, consuming acidic food. When teeth are worn down until it has reached the pulp or nerve canals, it may decay and finally break. 

These factors above lead to tooth loss that decrease the quality of life in seniors. All on 4 dental treatments with digital workflow is a solution that helps the person you loves gain back their functional teeth and smiles.


Fixing Tooth Loss Problems with All on 4 Dental Implants Treatment with Digital Workflow in Bangkok Which Can be Done Within 7 Days

Full mouth implant (All on 4) with digital workflow allows patients to get their teeth within 7 days. With 3D system in digital software, it helps guiding the implant placement positions precisely and reduces treatment and surgery time. This is the case example of full mouth implant with digital workflow; 4 implants on upper arch and 4 implants on lower arch. This case took only 7 days to get it done.

“All on 4 dental implants treatment in Thailand; 4 Upper Implants & 4 Lower Implants” 

NeoNaviguide is used in this All on 4 case to help positioning implant placement. After the implants have placed, customized abutments have placed onto implants in order to determine the bridge or restoration positions. Intraoral scanner, 3Shape Trios3, is used to scan patient’s mouth to fabricate the bridge on implants. Intraoral scanner makes the fabrication process easier, faster, and more precise. Patients can get the PMMA restoration within 7 days after implant placements have done. PMMA restoration is durable, and it functions just like natural teeth. 

Help the person you loves gain back their functional teeth and smiles with All on 4 dental implant treatment with digital workflow. Contact BFC Dental for more information.


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