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Advanced Technologies in our Clinic

The world we live in is already 2018. Technological advancement helps our Implantologist deliver much more precise and faster surgery. With an advanced technology of CT Scan, Surgical guide, and Intraoral scanner, complicated procedures can be done in much less time. Intraoral scanner makes digital impression much easier. It reflects the reality of dental situation and makes image acquisition as comfortable as possible for both patient and dentist. With 3D Guided Implant Surgery by Neo Naviguide we can ensure that our treatments are:

Comfortable and Safe
3D Digital Implant is a flapless surgery with less bleeding and less pain. 3D Guided surgery is more precise and comfortable for both patient and dentist.

3D Digital Implant Surgery is completed in about 10 minutes compared to conventional surgery which takes about 50 minutes (1-2 implant placement). Healing time is also faster than convention method.

Reduce surgery and healing time with computer surgery simulation prior to operation.

Scared to get your dental implants?

Besides advanced technologies that help our dentists during surgical operations. Our Implantoligist is well-recognized and experienced in the field. We continuously offer comprehensive dental care for both local and international patients from Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, and foreign residents in Thailand for more than 2 decades.

We will continue to do our best to bring back your confidence and smile because “Smile Creation is Our Mission”

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